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USA Rare Earth

USA Rare Earth, LLC (USARE) is a fully integrated, US-based magnet technology company. By establishing a completely domestic supply chain, USARE is poised to become the leading US supplier of rare earth magnets and critical minerals supporting the future state of energy, mobility, and national security.

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Magcam is the technology leader in permanent magnet inspection based on its unique magnetic field camera technology. Magcam’s hardware, software, and services work closely together to measure, visualize, and analyze full three-dimensional magnetic field distributions with high spatial resolution at high speed and deliver voluminous magnetic field data for in-depth analysis of permanent magnets, permanent magnet rotors, and other magnet assemblies.

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Arnold Magnetic Technologies

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Brockhaus Measurements

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German Machine Tools of America

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Laboratorio Elettrofisico USA, Inc

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Laser Technologies

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Magnetic Instrumentation

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New England Wire Technologies

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