Revolutionizing Magnet Technology Development Partnerships

Abby Queale, CEO, MagCorp.

Setting a new standard for the cutting edge of magnet technology innovation and commercialization partnerships, MagCorp, UNandUP and the MagLab have partnered on several breakthrough technology development projects that are bringing new possibilities to the world of magnetically-enabled medical applications, including microdevices and nanoparticles.  This new partnership model was created by MagCorp and serves as a solid structure for any efforts that involve collaborations between public and private academic research institutions, private corporate organizations, and federal funding agencies.  Our partnership model addresses all relevant aspects of new technology development including intellectual property, university patent technology transfer, prototyping with subsequent product development, and federal competitive grant awards.  Additionally, approved mechanisms for creation of scopes of works and intellectual property ownership through both subcontracted and consulting activities are addressed for all parties involved: MagCorp, UNandUP and the MagLab.  Some selected projects currently underway exemplify and validate not only the efficiency of this partnership model but also the long term viability of the agreements and mechanisms to remain mutually beneficial for all parties well beyond the deliverable technologies reaching their markets.  The MagLab serves a key partner fueling the basic science research that has spawned the technology development projects for MagCorp and UN&UP, where ongoing research is being conducted that continuously pushes the boundaries of understanding for magnet science in the fields of medicine, energy, biotechnology, and materials.

Abby Queale is the Chief Executive Officer of MagCorp, a magnet technology solutions company located in Tallahassee, the home of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. She is a registered patent attorney, and she is published in both the legal and engineering fields. Abby sought her passion for innovation by studying engineering at the University of Florida where she fell in love with the legal and business aspects of technology development and decided to pursue her J.D. at Florida State University. After graduation, she stayed at FSU working in technology transfer as Associate General Counsel and Senior Licensing Manager. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Abby left FSU to lead MagCorp in 2019.

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