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Technology of Dynamic Balancing and Vibration Control of Electric Motors

When: Monday, February 7th; 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Cost: $550

Workshop Content:

Attendees will leave with knowledge and a better understanding for:

  • Learn the fundamentals of vibration and balancing theory

  • Electric motor vibration analysis and control

  • Vibration problems of electric motors at site; Some of which may not be due to a defective motor.

  • High speed balancing of electric motors.

  • Implemented multi-plane modal balancing procedures for Generators made by TOYO DENKI

  • High speed balancing machine to SIEMENS for their existing vacuum bunker.  This is the only machine which can balance generators up to 50 tons at speeds up to 3600 RPM and can also balance rotors up to 22,000 RPM.

  •  Suggestions for design change for high speed balancing of motor rotors was implemented by ABB.

  • Suggestions for shifting from low speed balancing to high speed balancing of 4 pole and 6 pole generators was considered by GE but was not implemented due to financial considerations.

Speaker Bio

Atul Nath

Atul is the technical director of ABRO and is a graduate from IIT Delhi.  In 1972, he developed Hard Bearing Balancing Machines using piezo electric transducers with built-in charge amplifiers along with a team of engineers making ABRO one of the first company in the world to develop these machines.  He is the group leader of the team that has developed various world first technologies and machines in the field of Dynamic Balancing.  He has conducted training programs around the world and is a specialist on predictive maintenance based on condition monitoring and vibration analysis.

Reed Grant

Reed Grant Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Tech in the year 1970. He Worked for GENERAL ELECTRIC for 34 years in management; including manager of engineer.  Reed designed and built electric motors at 100,000 per week. Retired in 2004. While at GE, Reed procured and upgraded more than $ 100 million in machines. This included several automatic balancing machines. He is the Owner of Grant’s custom and racing automotive. Now builds RACING AND HIGH PERFORMANCE AUTOMOBILE ENGINES. Over the years, has developed a keen interest in DYNAMIC BALANCING MACHINES and now manages the ABRO Technology Center in Tennessee.

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