Inline Inspection Systems for the Quality Control of Permanent Magnets and Magnet Assemblies
Benjamin Wenzel, Managing Director, Matesy GmbH

Nowadays, there are many challenges to fulfill the demands of modern drive systems for electric mobility. Especially the performance of magnetic materials and systems is moving into the foreground. Matesy has taken on the task of characterizing these materials and systems and develop new measurement technologies. A new system is a 3D Hall line sensor with a measuring length of up to 317.5 mm, which is to be used for the characterization of permanent magnetic rotors and magnet assemblies. A further, already established system, the m-axis, has now been adapted for broad use in production lines of permanent magnets. The important properties of the magnets, such as magnetic moment, open remanence and the error angle of the magnetization axis can be determined inline quickly this way.

Benjamin Wenzel has completed his diploma for materials engineering 2009 at the University of Applied Sciences in Jena. He works as a team leader for the development of magneto-optical sensors and magnetic measurement systems at INNOVENT e.V. - Technology development Jena. Since 2020 he is the managing director of the Matesy GmbH.

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