The Ideal Permanent Magnet: Myths and Realities
Dr. John Ormerod, Principal and Founder, JOC LLC

Today, the global permanent magnet market is dominated by rare earth magnets based on the Nd2Fe14B phase which account for more than 60 percent of total sales. It is surprising to the casual observer that while NdFeB-based magnets were introduced more than 35 years ago they remain the dominant magnet type despite several shortcomings. In this talk, the top 10 features of the ideal permanent magnet material will be discussed. It is clear that the ideal magnet depends on the detail of the application, industry, market and device details and requirements; a common understanding of this matrix is presented. A high-level view of the permanent magnet market and the key drivers over the next decades will be presented. Also, the meaning and misinterpretation of (BH)max will be discussed. Finally, a summary of contenders for the ideal magnet and probability of commercialization is presented.

Dr. John Ormerod is Principal and founder of JOC LLC ( JOC LLC provides a unique combination of business and technical expertise to the Global Magnetics and Metals Industries. John graduated from the University of Manchester, UK with a BSc, MSc, and PhD in metallurgy in 1975, 1976 and 1978 respectively.  He has over twenty years of research, product development, and manufacturing experience in the area of permanent magnets and magnetic materials.  He has spent time in Europe working for Philips and in the USA working for SPS Technologies (Arnold Engineering) in their magnetic materials businesses. In 2002, John was named President of Res Manufacturing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Res is a manufacturer of stamped metal components, assemblies and value-added services to diversified industries.  They are a major supplier of components and assemblies to Tesla Motors for their Model S and future Model X electric vehicle platforms. He provided expert testimony on issues of invalidity during the recent rare earth magnet ITC investigation No. 337-TA-855 and is currently a technical expert evaluating prior art for several entities challenging the validity of Hitachi Metals key NdFeB patents. He serves on the Advisory Board of Bunting Magnetics Company and is Senior Technology Advisor to Magnet Applications, Inc. and Technology Advisor to Niron Magnetics.

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