3D Printing of Magnetic Materials
Kalathur Narasimhan, Vice President, P2PTechnologies

3D printing has attracted significant attention recently as a technology that allows three dimensional shapes to be formed. Binder jet, ink jet, and printing are popular processes that can compete favorably with injection molding and polymer bonding. Lasers provide a unique opportunity to heat small area of powder, typically 20 to 40 microns, and the melt cools rapidly. The cooling rate is fast enough to form fine grained microstructure. These fine grain microstructure on a nano scale provide unique opportunity to form bulk soft magnetic material useful in AC transformer applications. In the case of hard magnetic materials, this cooling rate allows the opportunity for the formation of nearly single domain grains. In the case of melt spun Neodymium iron boron, selective lase meting (SLM) can be used to make bulk magnet fully dense bodies which otherwise not possible by melt spun ribbons. Ribbons need to be crushed and blended with polymers to shape magnet bodies or hot formed to make dense magnets.

Dr. Sim Narasimhan is the Vice President of P2PTechnologies, helping corporations to make wise decisions on Powders and Parts. Prior to this, he was VP and CTO at Hoeganaes Corporation, and Technical Director at Crucible Materials Corporation, where he developed a variety of processing technologies for rare-earth magnets. He is a Fellow of ASM,  APMI,  PMAI and has been active in various boards of Metal Powder Industry.

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