How is RE Supply Impacting the Development of RE Permanent Magnet Demand in Key Applications

Leslie Liang, Senior Consultant, Roskill

This presentation will give an overview of a diverse market of rare earth, including RE Permanent magnets  in Electric vehicles (Nd, Pr and Dy). As China is the dominant supplier of rare earths, we will look at the Chinese domestic market under strain with mining quotas targeting LREEs, potential purchase and storage possibilities, disruption to imports of IAC ores and concentrates and the resumptions of IAC deposits in the year 2021. In addition, we will look at supply chains (is a geographic diversification required?), rare earth recycling (its role in a fast-growing market), and fundamental supply and demand market imbalance for REEs.


Leslie Liang joined Roskill in 2019 as a senior analyst, after having worked as a collaborator with Roskill since 2017, contributes to antimony, rare earth and tungsten market reports and consulting, leads Roskill’s analysis of the Rare earth market in China. She contributed to consultancy assignments assessing the Chinese Rare earth sector, attended Rare earth focussed conferences and contributed to Roskill’s multi-client and consulting reports. Prior to joining Roskill, she worked as a global base metal and mining analyst for CHR for over 12 years with a focus on developments in China, during which time she developed ongoing relationships with companies involved in the mining industry.

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