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Fast Advanced Inspection of PM Rotors Using Magnetic Field Camera Scanners

Luc Van de Perre, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Magcam

An advanced and fast solution for the measurement, inspection and quality control of permanent magnet rotors is needed to gain more knowledge of the impact of the magnets and their assembly on the performance of the motor. Being able to visualize and analyze the magnetic field distribution with high spatial resolution and with high throughput is crucial in gaining critical insights to achieve optimal and high quality rotor designs.

Attendees will learn more about a PM rotor measurement  solution that consists of:

  • A stand-alone scanner using 3D magnetic field camera technology used for fast and accurate measurements of the magnetic field distribution of permanent magnet rotors

  • Integration of a high accuracy laser distance sensor to accurately measure the dimensions and surfaces of PM rotors under test

  • A powerful software with numerous features such as cogging torque analysis, Fourier analysis of harmonics, zero crossing detection, automatic pole count and size measurement, below surface crack detection and much more


The need for high quality and performance magnets is increasing every year and as such also the need for a fast/advanced measurement & analysis solution for inspection of permanent magnets and PM rotors for use in R&D labs, QC environments and production lines and for various applications, such as automotive sensor systems, electric motors, medical devices, consumer electronics and magnet production.


Luc Van de Perre leads Magcam’s global marketing and business development activities. He has more than 25 years experience in the test&measurement, and semiconductor industry.  Previously, Mr. Van de Perre held various sales, marketing and business development management positions with VisIC, Transphorm, EpiGaN, Intersil, Volterra and National Semiconductor. Mr. Van de Perre holds an MBA from Santa Clara University in California, an MSEE from the KUL University in Leuven, Belgium and a BSEE from the KIHK University in Geel, Belgium. 

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