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100% Quality Control of Permanent Magnets for Industrial Applications
Benjamin Wenzel, Managing Director, Matesy GmbH

Nowadays, many requirements are placed on functional magnets. Be it in automotive or other industrial applications, knowing the exact magnetic parameters of the magnets used is crucial for the application. In addition, for cost reasons and to protect the environment, less material with better properties must be used. Matesy GmbH uses different characterization technologies for various tasks. In this presentation, the advantages of measurement technologies such as magneto-optical analysis of near-surface stray fields and far-field characterization using magnetic monitoring will be presented. Furthermore, a scanning technology for magnetic rotors and planar magnet assemblies will be presented, which enables 100% control of such components in production lines. With the presented systems quality control is possible for all stages of the production process.

Benjamin Wenzel has completed his diploma for materials engineering 2009 at the University of Applied Sciences in Jena. He works as a team leader for the development of magneto-optical sensors and magnetic measurement systems at INNOVENT e.V. - Technology development Jena. Since 2020 he is the managing director of the Matesy GmbH.

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