Reduction of Cycle Time and Increasing Magnetizing Field Strength in Magnetization Process in Production
Sebastian Wältring, Founder and Director, M-Pulse

The future belongs to the electromobility. However, in a line production of car traction motors, the magnetization of the assembled rotor is always a time critical process. Big dimensions combined with deep V-shaped configuration of the magnets inside the rotor require a very high energy of the magnetizing pulse. In consequence, there is a high temperature rise after each pulse which only can be eliminated by a long recooling time of the magnetizing coil. Parallelization of magnetizing coils is one way to cope with fast production rates. However, it requires big invest in equipment. M-Pulse has optimized the technology by use of multiple synchronized generators which act onto a single coil. The technology allows more possibilities in the magnet configuration inside rotors and a costs reduction in the manufacturing process of power trains. It also allows less heat and thus shorter cycle times at very little extra invest.

Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Wältring started his carrier in the field of magnetizing technologies in the middle of the 90's after his study of electrical engineering. After gathering experience in that field, he founded in 2003 his own company for magnetizing technologies. M-Pulse was born. At his position as director and chief developer, he is one of the international experts in magnetizing coil designs.