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Challenges for Permanent Magnets in Hybrid Vehicle Market
Dr. Sim Narasimhan, Vice President, P2Ptechnologies


The global demand for electric vehicles is increasing and interior permanent magnet motors(IPM) will play a important role. IPM provides torque from the magnets as well as reluctance torque allowing thinner magnets to be used. The temperature requirement of about 200C makes it difficult  for NdFeB unless Heavy rare earth amount is increased but such an increase adversely affects the induction. Number of promising new alloys offer as alternates to consider. This presentation updates the state of permanent magnets in Hybrid electric traction motors.

Dr. Sim Narasimhan is the Vice President of P2PTechnologies, helping corporations to make wise decisions on Powders and Parts. Prior to this, he was VP and CTO at Hoeganaes Corporation, and Technical Director at Crucible Materials Corporation, where he developed a variety of processing technologies for rare-earth magnets. He is a Fellow of ASM,  APMI,  PMAI and has been active in various boards of Metal Powder Industry.


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