The Rise, Fall and Rise of American NdFeB-Magnets Used in e-Mobility
Peter Afiuny, Executive Vice President, Urban Mining Company

The continuous and strong growth of NdFeB permanent magnets creates a necessity for a development of domestic magnet manufacturing technologies. Two fully functioning processing lines were gained by US via UMC: a pre commercial NdFeB processing line, for prototyping new technology-based products; and a commercial production line, to process and produce grain boundary engineered NdFeB-based magnets. Grain boundary engineering is a revolutionary processing technology of NdFeB magnets that can be used not only for the recycling process but ensures the optimum utilization of rare earths and saves rare earth resources for production of virgin magnets.


Peter Afiuny is well versed in international trade, finance, economics, business process, strategic planning, operational management, and supply chain dynamics.  Peter is a UMC co-founder as well as co-inventor for methods to recycle NdFeB-type sintered magnets. Peter is passionate about circular economy, industrial ecology, and manufacturing.  Peter’s focus over the last 15 years has been in the materials and metals industry; using his skills in finance, business development, supply chain management, logistics, and operations to commercialize manufacturing technology that is critical to efficient and sustainable production of critical materials. He is also an expert in material flows as a part of industrial reverse logistics networks and has extensive experience analyzing end-of-life materials, creating mechanical separation techniques, and developing downstream recovery solutions. In his current role at UMC, Peter is a leader across multiple organizational functions, including sales, operations, and financial planning.  Peter is proud to have found his home in the manufacturing world and gladly supports the development and mentoring of all who want to gain a foothold in manufacturing.

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