Preliminary Program
Check back often as more sessions will be added.

Keynote Presentation - The Global Permanent Magnet Industry: 2020 -2030

Dr. John Ormerod, Principal, JOC, LLC

Over the last 12 months, our team of world-renowned experts has conducted a rigorous analysis of the permanent magnet industry and corresponding marketplace. The result is a detailed and rigorous...Read More

Featured Presentation - The Restoration of the U.S. Rare Earth Supply Chain
Dr. Alan Lund, Executive Vice President, Magnetics, MP Materials Corp.

MP Materials Corp. is the largest producer of rare earth materials in the Western
Hemisphere. The company owns and operates the Mountain Pass Rare Earth Mine and Processing...Read More

Fast Advanced Inspection of PM Rotors Using Magnetic Field Camera Scanners

Luc Van de Perre, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Magcam

An advanced and fast solution for the measurement, inspection and quality control of permanent magnet rotors is needed to gain more knowledge of the impact of the magnets and their assembly...Read More

NdFeB/SmCo Dual Material Design for Cost Reduction and Secure Supply
Thomas Franken, Key-Account-Manager Europe, HPMG

Current NdFeB volatility of raw material causes strong fluctuations of magnet prices, making budget calculations for new projects difficult. In addition the forecasted supply gap of PrNd gives...Read More

Challenges for Permanent Magnets in Hybrid Vehicle Market
Dr. Sim Narasimhan, Vice President, P2Ptechnologies

The global demand for electric vehicles is increasing and interior permanent magnet motors(IPM) will play a important role. IPM provides torque from the magnets as well as reluctance torque allowing...Read More

Building a Reliable and Secure Rare Earth and Critical Materials Supply Chain

Drew Horn, Founder, President & CEO, Greentech Minerals

Greentech Minerals is on the front lines of the effort to preserve American and allied leadership in renewable energy platforms; emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence; and maintaining...Read More

Commercializing Magnetic & Associated Electronic Technologies
Michael Tentnowski, Senior Licensing Manager - Office of Commercialization, Florida State University

The purpose of this session is to describe how Florida State University, through the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Applied Superconductivity Center, and Center for Advanced Power...Read More

Overview of Magnetic Field Mapping Systems
Philip Keller, Marketing & Product Management, Metrolab Technology SA

Mapping the field around a (macroscopic) magnetic system is a common problem, and many different solutions exist. They range from simple do-it-yourself setups, to more sophisticated open-source...Read More

100% Quality Control of Permanent Magnets for Industrial Applications
Benjamin Wenzel, Managing Director, Matesy GmbH

Nowadays, many requirements are placed on functional magnets. Be it in automotive or other industrial applications, knowing the exact magnetic parameters of the magnets used is crucial...Read More