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January 19th, 2021

On January 19th, we will offer presentations from our sister conference Motor & Drive Systems;
attendees will have full access to these presentations. Click here to view those presentations.



January 20th, 2021

9:00 am CST           Keynote: How is RE Supply Impacting the Development of RE Permanent Magnet Demand in Key Applications • Roskill

10:00 am CST        



10:30 am CST          




11:00 am CST      



11:30 am CST       






Rare Earths Track  

Rare Earth Magnet Market Outlook to 2030: Post-Pandemic Opportunities and Challenges    Adamas Intelligence

Rare Earth Magnets and Natural Resources Electron Energy Corp.


Recycling of NdFeB Magnets by HPMS and Metal  Injection Moulding MIMplus Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

Theory Guided High Performance Permanent Magnets:  From Ferrites to Neo   Ames Laboratory   

Design & Manufacturing Track


The Great Misconception: The Grade Performance Gap Between  Alloy Block and Finished MagnetsYunsheng USA

Precision Measurement of Time-Varying Fields Metrolab Technology SA 

Overmolding: From Magnet to Component Hangzhou Permanent Magnet Group

Inline Inspection Systems for the Quality Control of Permanent  

Magnets and Magnet Assemblies Matesy GmbH

  Permanent Magnets Track 

The Ideal Permanent Magnet: Myths and RealitiesJOC LLC



The Rise, Fall and Rise of American NdFeB-Magnets Used in e-Mobility Urban Mining Company

Estimating Complete Hysteresis Loops Using Excel Spontaneous Materials

12:30 pm CST       



1:00 pm CST


1:30 pm CST

Industry & Application Trends Track

Simulation of Effects of Mechanical Deformations to Electromagnetic Performance and Mechanical Forces in an EV  Traction Motor Dassault Systemes

Four Steps to Minimize Costs and Maximize Profits in Magnet   Applications Data Decisions

Revolutionizing Magnet Technology Development Partnerships MagCorp.

Magnetic Materials   


New Permanent Magnet Materials from the  Critical Materials Institute  Critical Materials Institute

3D Printing of Magnetic Materials  P2PTechnologies

Prospects for Unconventional Sources of Magnet Materials Iowa State University

2:15 pm CST       


2:45 pm CST

3:15 pm CST

Ferrites/Soft Magnets Track

New Iron Nitride Soft Magnetic Components Sandia National Laboratories

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