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Badrinath Veluri
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Badrinath Veluri


Chief Specialist Materials & Process

Dr. Badrinath Veluri (Badri) is currently working for Grundfos A/S as a Chief Specialist, Materials and Processing Technology.

Dr. Badri has over twenty years’ experience leading the multidisciplinary technology and innovation programs, where he addressed developments related to materials and processing aligning with environmental challenges. He has been involved in many national and international multi-stakeholder initiatives where he developed strategic priorities, partnerships and collaborations.
Dr. Badri is also currently serving as the elected president of the Global Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA), focusing on the diversification of Rare Earth (RE) value chains, highlighting the need for transparency and sustainability that enables the secondary resource efficiency, minimizing the environmental footprint from primary resources. He was instrumental in founding and developing the Global Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA) and the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) initiative along with other global partnerships within raw materials domain.

He has PhD in Material Science and Engineering. His major focus is on the socio-economic context of innovative high-performance materials and their applications deriving the relationship between materials performance and sustainability. Badri is a member of the DK ISO TC/298, ISO TC/323, IEC TC/68 Mirror Committees, working to develop international standards for the REE industry and Circular Economy. He is a technical advisor to Danish Ministry of Industry on critical materials.


Panel Session: Securing Rare Earths for Electric Mobility

This ‘Rare Earths for the electric-mobility panel will bring together key decision makers in the technologies of vehicle electrification, rare earths producers, magnet makers and more to review the current supply situation, identify bottlenecks and propose solutions.

Moderator: Gareth Hatch, REIA

Mark Chalmers, President & CEO, Energy Fuels 
Badrinath Veluri, Chief Specialist, Materials & technology, Grundfos
Vasileios Tsianos, Dir. of Corp. Development & Assistant Corp. Secretary, Neo Performance Materials

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