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Kiril Mugerman
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Kiril Mugerman

Geomega Resources

President & CEO

Kiril Mugerman is the President & CEO of 2 junior companies on the TSX.V: Geomega Resources (GMA.V) and Kintavar Exploration (KTR.V).

Geomega has developed a disruptive technology in the rare earth elements space that offers a clean and sustainable alternative to REE separation that is currently done almost exclusively through SX in China. Our objective is first to supply Nd oxide in North America and Europe through cooperation with the permanent magnet industry and helping them recycle their waste. Then, gradually increase the scale to mining scale and apply it to our Montviel REE carbonatite deposit which is located in Quebec.

Kintavar is an exploration company focused on the Mitchi property, a Cu-Ag stratiform deposit located north of Mont Laurier in Quebec. The project is a significant copper discovery in Quebec with access to top infrastructure and attracted significant interest and major funding.


Rare-earth recycling: challenges and opportunities

Rare-earth element (REE) magnets are essential in defense and clean energy applications. The demand for these magnets is expected to follow the growth of the clean energy sector (EV, wind turbines). Since more than 90% of the world's REE magnet production capacity is dominated by China, which is constrained by governmental export quotas, future supply availability is uncertain. At the same time, the magnet end- of-life, industrial scrap and swarf market in US, Europe and Japan is increasing.

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