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The Five Biggest Events to Impact Our Industry Since the Tariff War
John Ebert, Business Manager, Americas Industrial Division, Yunsheng USA

  1. From the first salvo in 2018 when the Tariff War was first launched, our industry has been assaulted by a barrage of unrelenting challenges, Covid-19 aside. John Ebert will addresses the five most impactful events in the categories of: legal, supply chain, economics, commercial and technology adaptation/adoption. Whether you hail from Sourcing, Engineering, Production, Compliance,  or you are just an old-fashioned bean-counter, some if not all of this will apply to your supply chain or customer base.  So, listen up and prepare to arm yourself with an old-fashioned dose of reality oxide.

  2. John Ebert is Business Manager of Yunsheng USA and has been with the company for 13 years.  John is a Certified Motion Control Professional and is a polyglot (he speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, French and Spanish).

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