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A Technology Roadmap to Reduce Cost in Performance Materials: reduction, refinement and substitution

Barely a decade after the 2011 Rare Earth crisis, the world entered a second black swan event in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic. It fueled supply chain disruptions and threats of regional strangulation of critical materials o Europe and the Americas. Yet, the demand for NdFeB materials continues to surge with the growth of: high-efficiency motors, mobile consumer electronics, Electric Vehicles and clean energy solutions. Solutions to curb the dependence on both Light Rare Earths and Heavy Rare Earths, has primarily driven the advancement of NdFeB materials and their performance.

We review a variety of parallel technological strides in material advancements by Yunsheng to optimize performance, reduce dependence on LRE and HRE, and enable costdown in magnet cost. We will investigate the latest production-ready technologies being used. These technology solutions include: grain refinement, ternary Rare Earth material substitution, HRE-free and low-HRE materials, and Grain Boundary Diffusion (GBD) technologies.


John Ebert

Yunsheng USA

Business Manager, Americas Industrial Div

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