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Motor & Drive Systems


Explore important topics impacting motor and drive systems and the applications they serve


Motor & Drive Systems is focused on the latest technical advancements impacting the design, integration, and efficiency of motor, drive systems, and motion control for automation, robotics, manufacturing, and industrial, as well as utilities and automotive applications. Join leading engineers, manufacturers, system integrators, product developers, consultants, and executives and discover how new technologies are improving performance and providing cost savings in a variety of applications.

Join us for 2 days of cutting-edge material from experts in:


Industrial & Manufacturing


Consumer Goods

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Energy Storage & Solar


Military & Aerospace




Supply Modes & Movements: 

  • AC (Induction, Permanent Magnet, Synchronous Electrically Excited, Synchronous Reluctance),

  • DC (Permanent Magnet, Electrically Excited),

  • Switched Reluctance

  • Rotational and linear movement

  • Radial and axial magnetic field

  • EV & Auto

Industry Trends:

  • State of the Industry

  • Supply Chain

  • Government & Policy

  • Market Trends, Pricing, Funding, Policies

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Smart Manufacturing/ Industry 4.0

  • Research Programs

  • Regulatory and Safety Issues

  • Standards and Programs


  • Sensors & Encoders

  • Building Smart Motion Control Systems

  • Advancements in Connectivity, Interfaces Network Security, and Safety

  • IIOT/Cloud Control

  • IC’s and Power Electronics

Test and Simulation

Drive Systems

  • Retrofitting

  • Harmonic Mitigation

  • OEM/End User Case Studies - Robotics and

  • Automation

  • Pairing Motor & Drive Systems – Problems and Solutions

  • Renewable Energy Conversion, Grid-tie Inverters, Solar and Wind Power Generation

  • Servo Systems and Robotics


  • Coil Manufacturing, Winding and Assemblies

  • Motor Balancing

  • Product Quality and Test Equipment

  • Armature and Stator Manufacturing

  • Magnetic Components, Laminations, Ferrites

  • Supply Chain

  • Transformers

  • Electric Motors & e-Mobility

  • Insulation Materials

Motor Performance:

  • Design Analysis and Optimization

  • Fault and Diagnosis

  • Magnetic Materials

  • Losses and Heat Extraction Systems

  • OEM/End User Study Cases

  • Technology Comparison

  • Power Quality & Analytics

  • Software

  • Condition Monitoring

  • Testing Standards and Program


We are seeking motors experts to discuss learning integration strategies, emerging technologies, ROI, case studies, and solutions within the motor and motion control field.

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