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Bonded Samarium Iron Nitride – A Case for Automotive Usage

Through the development of improved oxidation-resistant coating technology, Nichia has been able to create a SmFeN PPS resin-bonded magnet with the best long-term durability among rare-earth bonded magnets. Automotive applications, in particular, require PPS resin bonded magnets with superior reliability for long term usage. Nichia’s PPS SmFeN magnetic materials can achieve an irreversible flux loss of ≤3% in air at 150°C and aqueous solution at 120°C, making it suitable for harsh environment applications such as water pumps, oil pumps, and fuel pumps. Elevated conditions of greater than 300°C are required for PPS molding, during which magnetic powder can oxidize and degrade if not protected appropriately. Nichia will discuss the performance against currently used bonded Nd PPS materials through various comparisons.


Paul File

Nichia America Corporation

Senior Account Manager

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