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Inferior performance of electric motors caused by degradation of stator magnetic properties after manufacturing processes

This work highlights the ongoing challenges in accurately predicting the performance of electric motors despite the availability of advanced electromagnetic and thermal modeling methods for their design. The discrepancies between the expected and actual motor parameters are attributed to the negative effects of manufacturing processes on the magnetic properties of stator cores, including properties such as permeability and power loss. Consequently, there is a need for continuous monitoring of stator core quality

following production stages to ensure consistency in the efficiency of assembled electric motors.

This presentation intends to delve into the subject of post-manufacturing degradation in the magnetic properties of stator cores. The analysis is based on evaluations carried out using Brockhaus measurement systems. Additionally, the presentation will explore the direct correlation between the deterioration in magnetic properties and the inferior performance of various types of electric motor topologies. This discussion can shed light on the importance of maintaining the quality of stator cores to ensure optimal electric motor performance.


Dr. Lukasz Mierczak


Principal R&D Engineer

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