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Transforming Industries with Innovative Electric Motor Designs Using FEA Simulation

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the pivotal role electric motors play in driving the electrification of the automotive and aerospace industries. Discover the significant impact of electric motors and how EMWorks' FEA simulation software is transforming the landscape of motor design and analysis. This tool empowers engineers to conceptualize innovative designs, analyze performance, and refine them without the financial burden of prototypes and extensive testing.

We will delve into specific examples, beginning with an exploration of asymmetric motor design, a game-changing strategy that enhances torque capability. Additionally, we will unravel the complexities of magnetic flux performance by comparing various topologies of hybrid excitation flux switching machines (HE-FSMs). The discussion will highlight the effects of different positions of permanent magnets and field coils on the stator core.

Discover how FEA-based electromagnetic and multi-physics simulation software can drive your research and development initiatives, revolutionizing our approach to electric motor design. Join us at the forefront of the electrification wave, where innovation knows no bounds.


Sumeet Singh

EMWorks Inc.

Product Manager, Electric Motor Design

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