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Panel Session: Securing Rare Earths for Electric Mobility

Rare Earths are critical materials for vehicle electrification. Despite their unmatched technological benefits, rare earths are considered scarce, their extraction is complicated, prone to price volatility and their supply chain concentrated in a handful of countries. The panel will try to address the challenges facing the automotive industry in securing rare earths for electric mobility and how the automotive sector responds to these challenges.

This ‘Rare Earths for the electric-mobility panel will bring together key decision makers in the technologies of vehicle electrification, rare earths producers, magnet makers and more to review the current supply situation, identify bottlenecks and propose solutions.

Moderator: Moderator: Gareth Hatch, REIA


Mark Chalmers, President & CEO, Energy Fuels 

Badrinath Veluri, Chief Specialist, Materials & technology, Grundfos

Vasileios Tsianos, Director of Corporate Development & Assistant Corporate Secretary, Neo Performance Materials


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