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Call for Presentations

MAGNETICS Conference & Expo is accepting presentation and panel abstracts. Being held February 1-2, 2023 in Orlando, Fla., the 2023 event will explore the latest in advanced magnetic technologies, materials, supply chain, market conditions, and end-user requirements that are driving innovation, capabilities and features, application trends, and performance improvements.


The conference provides an excellent forum for speakers to discuss case studies, ROI, market conditions and end-user requirements that are driving innovation, capabilities, and features, application trends, and performance improvements. The deadline to submit is July, 15.

Topics Include:

Magnetics Market Outlook Track

• Materials Pricing & Economic
• Market Financial Forecasts
• New Frontiers in Magnetics R&D
• Supply and Demand of Critical Materials
• Recycling Materials


Design & Manufacturing Track

• Manufacturing Techniques
• Magnetic Components & Assemblies

• Novel Design Concepts and Prototyping
• Test & Measurement
• Quality Control
• Software & Simulation
• Magnetic Sensing

Applications/Case Studies

• Electric Motors

• Renewable Energy/Energy Storage

• Drones/UAVs

• MRI/Medical

• Consumer Electronics

Electromagnetics Track

• New Material Developments
• Power Electronics/Motors/Motion Control/Sensors
• Superconducting Magnets / Cryogenics
• OEM/End User Design Issues
• Near Term Product Improvements

Rare Earths Track

• Recycling

• Rare Earth Magnets

• Rare Earth Resources
• New Material/Process Developments
• Supply & Demand
• Pricing Trends
• Market Trends

Permanent Magnets Track

• Recycling
• Hard Ferrite
• AlNiCo
• Market Trends New Material
• Applications & Integrations

• OEM/End User Design Issues


Ferrites / Soft Magnetics Track

• New Material Developments

• Soft Magnetic Materials
• Transformers / Inductors
• Magnetic Wire / Wound Coil
• OEM/End User Design Issues
• Near Term Product/Material Improvements


EMCW Track

  • Magnetic Components, Laminations, Ferrites

  • Electric Motors & e-Mobility

  • Insulation Materials

Types of Presentations

Market/Industry Trends: Overviews, projections and forecasts for changes in pricing, availability, recycling, new industry applications and new methods of implementing solutions.

• Research & Development: Updates on projects from government labs or universities.

Panel Discussions: Industry and thought leaders discussing and debating a range of industry and technology topics.

Industry Applications: Case studies of recent applications magnetic technology including EVs/automotive, drones, wind turbines, medical, electronics, and consumer products.

Submitting a Proposal

The basis of the proposal or the presentation may not be the promotion or marketing of a product. Send your proposal in the body of your email letter and include supporting material and complete presentations as attachments. **All submission guidelines must be included for abstract consideration.


Submit to Program Development Team

The Speaking Proposal should include:

  • A title for the presentation

  • A summary of the presentation content (200 words), including benefits to attending/key take-aways and why the topic is timely for the 2023 event.

  • Presenter(s) biography and high-resolution head-shot

  • Contact information: name, title, company, address, phone, email address and website

  • Desired Speaking Track

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