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Iron Nitride – The First New Permanent Magnet in 30 years

Iron Nitride permanent magnets have been recognized as a potential breakthrough for the industry. Based on the α”-Fe16N2 compound with high saturation magnetization (exceeding that of NdFeB) and a moderate magnetocrystalline anisotropy, the material pairs technical benefits – attractive magnetic performance and superior temperature stability to NdFeB – with the strategic benefit of being completely rare earth-free, relying instead on abundant commodity raw materials. Iron Nitride will act as an economical substitute for several grades of both sintered and bonded NdFeB magnets. Further, they offer significant advantages in terms of environmental footprint and recyclability.

Niron Magnetics, Inc. is leading the commercialization of the Iron Nitride permanent magnets. Fundamental research at the University of Minnesota and funded by the Department of Energy laid the foundation. Now, that technology is being scaled up for commercial use with support from the private sector and the ARPA-E SCALEUP program. The long-awaited industry breakthrough is happening.

This is timely as concerns over meeting rapid demand growth, supply chain security, and the environmental impact of NdFeB are at the forefront of conversation given the critical role of permanent magnets in global electrification.

The target audiences for this talk are both magnetic material specialists with an interest in having an in-depth understanding of this novel magnetic material option and manufacturers of magnet-containing devices across industry who have an interest in understanding a new technology that can be incorporated into their devices and the potential impacts.

Niron will address the background of the material, selections of the latest empirical data, implications for device design, and details on the process being taken with industry players to commercialize the first new permanent magnet in over 30 years.


Dr. Francis Johnson

Niron Magnetics


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