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KetaSpire PEEK for insulation of magnet wire and slot liners improves performance of 800V+ eMotor systems.

For eMotor designers, seemingly small improvements in power and efficiency can have real-world tangible benefits like weight reduction, increased range, and cost savings. Optimizing the insulation materials in an eMotor is just one of the ways that can help design engineers reach their performance targets. Extruded KetaSpire® PEEK for magnet wire insulation and Ajedium PEEK slot liners have garnered significant attention in recent years as more sustainable and higher performing alternative insulation systems versus their incumbent counterparts, enameled wire and aramid papers. These materials have increased electrical insulation allowing them to be used in thinner constructions coupled with increased thermal conductivity for better heat dissipation. Additionally, these materials also have many manufacturing benefits like reduced levels of defects, unlocking new design spaces for engineers and reducing scrap.

In this presentation, we will show how the use of PEEK materials over traditional enamel magnet wire and aramid papers allows for reduced bill of materials across the electrified powertrain.


DeeDee Smith


E Mobility Market Manager

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