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Magnet Bonding Adhesive Technology for High Performance and High Throughput Processes

Henkel has been a leader in developing magnet bonding adhesives for many years. Magnet

bonding is used in a wide range of industries, including electrical machinery, power tools, the automotive industry, audio and video equipment, household appliances, and others. The

production of electric motors specifically relies on adhesives to enable robust and reliable

magnet bonding. Henkel offers a comprehensive line of LOCTITE® magnet bonding adhesives specifically formulated to withstand the stresses and environmental extremes seen in a wide range of magnet applications. Major trends in the electric motor industry include miniaturization and weight savings, all while producing the same or higher efficiency motors.

Motor manufacturers are moving to internal permanent magnet designs that require a unique solution for magnet retention. Henkel’s adhesive solutions enable high performance and high speed processing for IPM designs where other conventional methods are insufficient. Henkel is also developing new adhesive solutions to match the changing industry trends as magnet bonding applications require higher-temperature resistance and faster fixturing for high-speed processing.


Kristen Loose

Henkel Corporation

Lead Application Engineer

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