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System Level Optimization and Validation of High-Fidelity Electric Vehicle Motor Designs

In today’s automotive market, end users expect quality electric vehicles (EV) that meet or exceed the performance metrics of standard petroleum cars. To meet this expectation, EV designs are becoming increasingly complex with many system topology options. This presents both a challenge and a significant opportunity for EV designers. To gain a competitive edge in the market, innovative EV system designs require rapid validation and optimization with realistic component-level simulations. In this presentation, we focus on integrating fast and accurate motor simulations with system level EV designs.

This methodology provides EV designers with solutions for rapid validation and optimization of motor designs that satisfy cutting-edge EV system specifications and corresponding design topologies. Furthermore, integrating system and component-level simulations is essential to enable a digital twin of a physical EV that can provide valuable information on motor performance within the EV operating environment. We expect that this integrated simulation approach will empower EV designers to rapidly deliver innovative and impactful EV system designs.


Anthony Lowther

Maya HTT

Electromagnetics Specialist

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