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How to effectively screen out defective magnets in the production line? Three methods to test magnet quality with advanced magnetic field measurement systems

The magnetic field distributions of permanent magnets can be measured in several

ways, but the right approach will elevate the production yields, reduce scrap, and

increase cost-effectiveness.

The three main factors to evaluate and select the most suited test setup are:

• The size and shape of your permanent magnets

• The magnet quantity and desired throughput per timeframe

• The type of magnet measurements to be performed

During this talk attendees will learn more about the various ways to implement

production testing of their magnets:

• Manual operator testing magnet per magnet. For smaller quantities in the

range of 100 to 10k magnets per year

• Manual operator testing of batches of magnets. For medium quantities in the

range of 10k to 100k magnets per year

• Fully automated magnet testing with industrial robots. For high quantities in

the range of 100k to 10M magnets per year

Moreover, this talk will show the audience that integrating magnetic field measurement systems in the production line to test magnet quality is a smart Return-on-investment decision. Optimized magnetic field inspection systems are essential for every magnet-related manufacturer, OEM, or producer to avoid risks of product defects and expensive future product recalls.


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