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Christopher Fielding

ECM PCB Strator

ice President

Mr. Fielding brings 25 years of experience in various hi-tech industries to ECM. He founded Fielding and Associates, a firm specializing in innovative uses of technology to improve materials and processes for design and construction. Mr. Fielding has worked as a technical consultant to the private equity field and at MIT’s Haystack observatory. Mr. Fielding received his Bachelors of Science degree from The University of California at Davis and completed MIT’s Design of Motors, Generators and Drive Systems program.


The Future of Electric Motors: Demand in The Billions, Regulatory Mandates, and Design Optimization

This session offers a deep dive into the future of electric motor markets, technology, and design innovation. There are a number of exciting, yet complex, movements shaping up around this space. To start, the world will require an abundance of electric motors in just about every sector imaginable of a very different variety than conventional offerings.

Macro trends—such as mass electrification and automation—are pushing global demand for specialized electric motors to over a billion units annually in a sector valued at over $200 billion.

Analysts project this booming electric motor need will occur in a long list of verticals: HVAC equipment, e-mobility, consumer electronics, household appliances, robotics, medical devices, aerospace, defense, and unmanned vehicles.

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