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Dr Graeme Finch

National Physical Laboratory

Senior Scientist, Electronic & Magnetic Materials Group

Dr. Graeme Finch is a Senior Scientist in the Electronic & Magnetic Materials group at NPL. Since joining NPL in 2017 he has been involved with characterization of soft and permanent magnetic materials as well as calibration of magnetic sensors, and combining these measurements to develop and validate non-destructive testing solutions for industry. Currently, Graeme is mainly focussed on developing NPL’s permanent magnet measurement facilities to an extended range of temperatures. Graeme is also a member of the BSI and IEC standards committees for Magnetic Alloys and Steels and is leading a project to develop an international standard for measurements of permanent magnets using Pulsed Field Magnetometry. As vice chair of the UK Magnetics Society, Graeme also aims foster collaboration and exchange of ideas between industry and academia internationally as well as within the UK.


Measurement of Magnetic Properties of Materials at Operational Conditions

The development of new measurement systems and techniques at NPL and other National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) is required to enable the extended characterisation of a range of magnetic materials at the operational conditions of use. In pursuit of sustainable and efficient motor drive systems and decarbonisation within the automotive and aerospace sectors, characterisation of these materials requires a robust metrology infrastructure. These magnetic capabilities give machine designers improved data confidence for optimising performance of motors and allow predictions for component and critical system reliability from design to end-of-life to be more accurate.

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