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Durga Paudyal
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Durga Paudyal

Critical Materials Institute, Ames Laboratory


Durga Paudyal is an Ames Laboratory Scientist and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Iowa State University. Formerly, he was a Postdoctoral Research Associate and an Assistant Scientist at the same lab. He joined the lab in December 2004. His research experience is in the field of rare earth magnetism, including permanent magnets, magnetocaloric effect, quantum materials, and quantum information science. He has more than 115 high impact publications in reputed journals and he has given more than 45 invited presentations and panel discussions for various conferences and reviewed more than 200 research papers for high impact journals; he has been the principal investigator for various projects at the Critical Materials Institute and Ames Laboratory. Paudyal is an editorial board member for Frontiers of Quantum Materials and Materials Science and a regular member of the American Physical Society. He has also organized workshops and symposia and he is a program committee member for Intermag/MMM. He received his Ph.D. in Theoretical and Computational Materials Physics in 2005.


Discovery of rare-earth lean high-performance permanent magnets

The development and deployment of high-performance permanent magnets depend on the utilization of suitable magnetic and bonding elements in the anisotropic crystal structure. The first prerequisite is to pinpoint which atoms in the crystal provide magnetization, ferromagnetic transition temperature, and magnetic anisotropy. If these intrinsic permanent magnet properties along with the evolution of microstructure are translated to coercivity and remanence, one can then be equipped with the high-performance permanent magnet. We present here our newly discovered crystallographic site substituted high-performance hexaferrites to rare-earth cobalt to neo magnets applicable in vehicle, wind turbine, magnetic cooling, and other household technologies.

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