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Kumar Rajasekhara

Marsilli North America


Kumar Rajasekhara holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Machine Design from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, as well as an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Loyola College in Maryland. He began his professional career as a Machine Design Engineer for packaging and steel companies. For the past 36 years, he has worked in the coil and motor winding and automation industry in various engineering, sales, and operations positions. He was appointed as President and CEO of Marsilli North America in 2004. During his tenure as head of the wholly-owned subsidiary of Marsilli, he positioned the company as one of the most significant suppliers of winding and assembly equipment in North America and expanded its presence by opening Marsilli subsidiaries in India in 2006 and Mexico in 2016.


Mastering Litz Wire: Winding and Welding Techniques for Enhanced Performance

This presentation commences with an introduction to Litz wire by Mr. Benjamin Braggins. He will explore various types of Litz wire, discuss VDE and UL certifications, cover coating options such as serving and taping, and provide valuable insights into the best design practices for electric motors and magnetic components. Mr. Rajasekhara will continue highlighting the main obstacles in winding and welding processes that involve litz wire and how they can be overcome. From how to control tension to get perfect layering despite the variable morphology of the wire, how to avoid wire untwisting, up to how to get clean and solid wire/terminal welding points with wire with high thermal class and composed of many tiny, twisted wires.

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