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Muhammad Imran

Saskatchewan Research Council

VP, Rare Earth Element Division

Dr. Muhammad Imran is Vice-President of the Rare Earth Element Division at Saskatchewan Research Council. He has over 20 years of joint experience in operations, and Research and Development, in various industrial sectors including cement manufacturing, oil and gas, and rare earth. He holds a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering and is member of SRC’s executive team. He previously served as Director of Operations, in the Mining and Energy Division at SRC (Saskatchewan Research Council). He has led many projects, including innovative proofs of concept; development and optimization of medium and heavy oil Enhanced Oil Recovery processes; lab-scale equipment design; and physical and fluid flow modelling. He is leading a vertically integrated Rare Earth Processing Facility project at SRC, first of its kind in North America. Muhammad is recognized in executing successful strategic business programs and high-performance team building.


Panel: Recycling Magnet & Critical Materials: Paving the Way for Sustainable Resource Management

Recycling magnet and critical materials has become a pressing necessity in our quest for sustainable resource management. This panel will bring together experts, researchers, and industry leaders to explore the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities in recycling essential materials, including rare earth elements and other critical resources used in magnets and various high-tech applications.

The panelists will discuss cutting-edge recycling technologies and processes that enable the recovery and reuse of valuable materials from end-of-life products and waste streams. They will highlight successful case studies and initiatives that demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits of recycling these critical materials.

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