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Stephan Kliche



Mr. Stephan Kliché holds an MSEE from the KIHA in Antwerp, Belgium
In 2010, Stephan Kliché joined MAGCAM (founded in 2009). MAGCAM specializes in
magnetic field inspection systems and analysis software for advanced inspection of
permanent magnets, magnet assemblies and permanent magnet rotors in R&D, quality
control and production environments for a global customer base in various high end
industries, such as automotive, medical, industrial, aerospace and magnet production.

Stephan heads Magcam’s sales organisation. He has more than 30 years of experience in the
testing, analysis and manufacturing industry.


Case studies: Optimizing the magnetic quality of the Formula Electric Belgium and the Innoptus Solar Team electric race cars

As a proud sponsor of both the Belgian Formula Student and the Belgian Innoptus Solar electric race teams, Magcam has effectively employed its magnetic field camera technology and application expertise to enhance the performance of the permanent magnet rotors used in the electric motors in their respective electric race cars.

The Formula Electric car is powered by four radial-flux motors, whereas the Innoptus Solar car operates with an axial-flux motor. In both scenarios, we started the optimization process by measuring a large quantity of individual magnets using our magnetic field camera scanner. From the resulting magnetic field maps, detailed quality parameters were extracted, including overall magnet strength, magnetization angle error and localized magnetic homogeneity. By ranking these magnets based on the derived quality parameters, we were able to select the highest quality magnets for rotor assembly. This first crucial step assures that only qualified magnets are used. The assembled rotors were subsequently measured by Magcam's advanced radial/axial-flux rotor scanner.

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