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Thomas Schliesch

Max Baermann GMBH

Head of Research and Development

Thomas Schliesch graduated in Physics from University of Hamburg in 1988 and joined the Max Baermann GmbH, which is a well-known manufacturer of bonded magnets in Germany, in 1989. Since 1993 he is Head of Research & Development at Max Baermann GmbH. Thomas has filed several patents for permanent magnetic systems. A major part of his work he devoted to electromagnetic design and the development of specific methods for bonded permanent magnets. He is member of the IEEE Magnetics Society, the UK Magnetics Society as well as the International Compumag Society. Thomas has given many lectures at national and international conferences and released various articles about bonded permanent magnets.


Magnetic Simulations and Measurements for Designing Stray Field Robust Sensors

The presentation will comprise the development of two stray field immune magnet-sensor systems. It will cover the methods in their pre-design process as specific FEM simulations and 3D-Hall sensor measurement before realizing any hardware. Stray field immune sensors are often built by sensor pairs using the gradient principle. So, first stage tests including simulations and Hall measurements on different traces close the magnet and calculating potential sensor pair outputs are very valuable. Both can prove the viability of a devised systems and when successful the practical realization can be initiated. The whole way from pre-design investigations up to the hardware realization of a first sensor will be sketched in the presentation.

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