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Materials, Automation & Simulation in Electric Machine Design & Production:
Magnetic Orientation Technology – Radial AND Multipolar and Applications

Proper application of magnetic materials requires attention to several factors

including benchmarking, material considerations, assembly techniques and design

optimization. Using radial NdFeB ring magnets in permanent magnet motors

provides a cost effective and simplified assembly method to improve motor

performance while increasing production yields. This presentation will focus on

design considerations and assembly methods using patented radial ring magnets

that improve balance, while reducing noise, vibration and cogging torque.

The patented production method uses rotating orientation technology. Specifically,

rotating orientation technology presents a unique methodology for creating novel

and application centric materials that provide improved performance in rotating

devices such as DC brushless motors. This presentation will review design

considerations, along with assembly, magnetization and magnetic wave form

testing that allows correlation with motor testing. ​


Brian Coleman

International Magnaproducts

VP of Business Development

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