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Brian Coleman

International Magnaproducts

VP of Business Development

​Brian Coleman, Vice President of Business Development for International
Magnaproducts, has 28 years in magnetics industry and has represents many of
best magnetic material producers from around the globe. Brian has supported
magnetic applications in office automation and industrial automation applications,
including DC brushless motors with multipole bonded rare earth magnetics and
sintered radial magnet materials. With a BS from Purdue University, he is uniquely
positioned to support customers and connect them with optimized materials that
meet and exceed expectations with quality, price, and delivery.


Materials, Automation & Simulation in Electric Machine Design & Production:
Magnetic Orientation Technology – Radial AND Multipolar and Applications

Proper application of magnetic materials requires attention to several factors including benchmarking, material considerations, assembly techniques and design optimization. Using radial NdFeB ring magnets in permanent magnet motors provides a cost effective and simplified assembly method to improve motor performance while increasing production yields. This presentation will focus on design considerations and assembly methods using patented radial ring magnets that improve balance, while reducing noise, vibration and cogging torque.

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