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Helena Khazdozian

US Department of Energy

Sr. Technology Manager

Dr. Helena Khazdozian is a Senior Technology Manager for the Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Technologies Office (AMMTO) Secure and Sustainable Materials subprogram. In this role, Helena is responsible for the Critical Materials Institute and coordination of critical materials research across DOE. She is also the DOE Co-Chair of the Critical Minerals Subcommittee of the National Science & Technology Council. Prior to this, Helena completed a AAAS Science & Technology Policy fellowship supporting the former Advanced Manufacturing Office at DOE on critical materials. Her portfolio includes critical materials research, development and demonstration projects where she focuses on rare earth magnets and building a robust innovation ecosystem.

Before joining AMMTO, Helena spent two years as a researcher at the Ames National Laboratory, conducting finite element analysis to assess magnetic materials in electric machines for the Critical Materials Institute.

Helena earned a dual-BA in Physics and Art History from Hartwick College, a MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia, and a PhD in Wind Energy Science, Engineering, and Policy with a co-major in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University.


Developing the North American permanent magnet supply chain for energy technologies:
Industry and government perspectives

This panel discussion will focus on both government and industry efforts to develop a robust North American supply chain of permanent magnets to support the energy sector industrial base (ESIB). Rare earth magnets, such as sintered neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets, are especially important to the ESIB as they are critical components of traction motors in electric vehicles and direct drive generators in offshore wind turbines. Yet, nearly all supply chain stages of sintered NeFeB magnets are concentrated in China, posing a potential vulnerability for ESIB supply chains required to meet climate goals.

Moderator: Braeton J. Smith, Argonne National Laboratory

Helena Khazdozian, Advanced Manufacturing & Materials Technology Office, U.S. Department of Energy
Salim Bhabhrawala, Critical Materials Program Manager, Office of Manufacturing & Energy Supply Chains, U.S. Department of Energy
Alan Lund, MP Materials
Frank Johnson, Chief Technology Officer, Niron Magnetics

Government Efforts Towards Securing a Clean Energy Supply Chain

Helena will provide a full-scale picture and analysis of the domestic and global investment climate surrounding the clean energy transition. His presentation will focus on U.S. government investments in critical materials, private domestic supply chain investments, and how the U.S. Government is addressing critical material supply chain shortfalls from both the domestic and international allies perspectives. Mr. Bhabhrawala will also highlight other global efforts to mitigate energy sector industrial base supply chain vulnerabilities.

Keynote: Magnet supply chain resiliency and transparency

Moderator: Jeff Whalen, Founder & Director, MagCorp

Chris Rainone, Global Supply Chain SME for Critical Materials & Supply Chain, Lockheed Martin
David Miller, President, Magnetic Instrumentation
Helena Khazdozian, Senior Technology Manager, Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy

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