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Helena Khazdozian
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Helena Khazdozian

US Department of Energy

Sr. Technology Manager


Panel Session: Magnet & Critical Material Supply Chain

This panel session will bring together the brightest minds in the industry and dive into the challenges facing the magnet and critical materials supply chain ecosystem. Topics will include;

- DOE's strategies to improve the resilience of critical material supply chains, particularly rare earth elements and NdFeB magnets.
- DOE’s various efforts touching various aspects of the NdFeB supply chain and how these compare with efforts globally
- Strategies pursued by DOE’s Critical Materials Institute (CMI) to address supply chain issues
- Overview of past successes and current efforts being pursued by CMI in relation to magnets

Moderator: Braeton James Smith, Principal Energy Economist, Argonne National Lab

Helena Khazdozian, Sr. Technology Manager, US Department of Energy
Tom Lograsso, Critical Materials Institute, Director

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